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Welcome to
the Balanced State

Strength Training for Health and Performance

Front squat personal training

My mission is to elevate your well-being, increase your strength, sharpen your skills, and deepen your relationship with your body

I welcome anyone that has their heart set on improving themselves and is willing to take an active role in achieving their goals.

The Balanced State represents living with a deep sense of health where work flows and your life thrives, balancing between performance and recovery

You'll improve your inner awareness and resilience so you can handle the stress that life throws at you. Not by taking away the things you love, but by putting in the things you need.

Stability personal training

areas of specialty

Strength Development

  • Master foundational lifts like the squat, deadlift, lunge, press, chin-up, and rotation

  • Continued progression over the long term

Muscular Balance

  • Establish ideal strength and mobility ratios across your body

Pain-Free Performance

  • Training through injured/limited areas such as the lower back, knees, hips, and shoulders

Posture Improvement + Injury Prevention

  • Improve active and dynamic range of motion

  • Strengthen around structural imbalances like scoliosis​

Fat Loss/Muscle Gain

  • Intensive programs to maximize body composition results

Behavior-Based Habit Change

  • Nutrition, hydration, sleep, and stress management

  • Break complex skills down into simple actions

I offer judgment-free, scientific, and holistic personal training that guides you toward feeling your best and challenges you to perform at your best

comprehensive assessments

We'll go through a series of evaluations to learn about your current capacity and investigate the root cause of any limiting factors. With that information, I'll customize a training plan that goes step-by-step towards your goals.

  • Have a clear plan to set yourself up for success

  • Use individualized long-term programs

  • Better understand your body mechanics to establish priorities

Posture Assessment

maximize your health

Coaching foam rolling

We'll focus on increasing your energy and recovery by giving your body the things it needs. I'll guide you in developing your appreciation for quality nutrition, sleep, hydration, and stress management.


  • Create a health plan that is best for YOU

  • Balance the things you love with the things you need

  • Take control over your eating habits and daily stress

build a stable foundation

We'll work on correcting your posture to get you out of pain and prevent future injury. We'll strengthen your core and back while establishing fundamental movement patterns.


  • Feel secure in your stability

  • Improve spinal and joint health

  • Get the mobility to move freely

Female personal training

develop functional strength

Personal training cable push

You'll develop the skills to safely and efficiently generate strength that carries over to your daily life. Whatever you want to achieve, your program is tailored to your goals and needs.


  • Feel confident in your abilities

  • Improve work, sport, and daily life performance

  • Build lean muscle and bone density

stick to the plan

Consistency is key and your program will be laid out fully in my app to keep you on track. It acts as a hub to connect your strength program, nutrition and habit goals, fitness trackers, and food journal. You can view your daily workouts with video examples and tutorials, track your stats, and see your previous accomplishments. This allows us to see your strength gains, body composition change, and overall achievements across long periods.

  • Easy-to-follow layout

  • Track your progress to see how far you've come

  • Help with accountability

Accountability coaching for habit change
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