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Dan Chavez Stahl


The Balanced State represents living with a deep sense of health where work flows and your life thrives. Whether you're working to balance performance and recovery, work and life, wants and needs, etc, I want to help you prosper in that dynamic relationship.


A key part of my coaching philosophy is that the best plans are the ones that can be followed consistently.  To avoid burning out, I create strategic step-by-step programs with long-term success in mind. My approach to wellness has 4 main cornerstones. They are to build a pain-free and stable foundation, develop functional strength, create supportive habits, and pursue happiness. I believe that this provides a sustainable path where you can appreciate the journey towards your goals. My personal experience overcoming fitness and lifestyle challenges allows me to relate to how hard the road can be. Instead of making judgments, I'm here to listen, empathize and offer realistic solutions.


A bit about me, I grew up in New York City where I had dreams of becoming a traveling circus acrobat but later fell in love with the hospitality industry.  I ended up moving to San Francisco and had an award-winning career bartending and managing at some of the most highly respected bars and restaurants. Eventually, the years of late nights, drinking, smoking, junk food, and work stress ended up taking their toll and I became sick and tired all the time. That led me to shift my focus to prioritizing my health. I changed my lifestyle to be more balanced which gave me the energy and resilience that I needed.


That experience gave me a new passion that motivated me to learn more about health and fitness. Ultimately, I came to understand that the body is an integrated system of systems. It requires an individualized and holistic approach to heal and strengthen. Merging my love of hospitality and health, this new awareness made me want to help others find their personal approach toward their goals.


Outside of being a total health nerd, my favorite things to do are traveling and spending time with family and friends while enjoying delicious things. I love getting out and doing activities like boxing, rock climbing, cycling, and hiking through Northern California. At home you can find me planning my next trip, reading comic books, playing video games, and working on Mexican and Spanish recipes while still making a tasty cocktail every now and then.

Dan Chavez Stahl Strength Coach
Dan Chavez Stahl Kettlebell Stability Training


Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology Institute

  • CHEK Practitioner L2

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach L2

KILO Strength Society

  • Program Design, Periodization, & Optimizing Strength Ratios Courses

  • Fat Loss: Program Design + Exercise Technique

  • Program Design Mastermind: Case Study Intensive 



  • Pain-Free Performance Specialist

Precision Nutrition

  • Nutrition Coach

NeuroKinetic Therapy

  • Level 1


National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Personal Trainer

Functional Movement Systems

  • Functional Movement Screen



  • Suspension Trainer

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