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"I have been working with Dan Stahl and he is head and shoulders above the rest. A true professional who is hungry for more knowledge and education which is quickly implemented into his programs. With an athletic background and exercise science degree, I have seen and participated in my fair share of programs. He is cutting edge, effective and focuses on long term health, longevity and sustainability. Want a white glove experience with highly trained, caring individual? Look no further. Dan is your answer. Want someone who can adapt to past injuries, current injuries AND prevent injuries? Dan is your answer. He is open to working with other health professionals to ensure your body will function at an optimal level. No ego there. Stop searching and just talk to him. You will not be disappointed."


"Dan is the very first personal trainer I've ever worked with, and, if I can help it, the only one! I've tried to prioritize fitness for most of my life, with activities including swimming, strength training, and bootcamp-style workouts. However, I wouldn't often notice much visible progress. Then, the pandemic hit, and everything came to a screeching halt, and with that, the motivation faltered. I first tried using an online personal trainer, which was successful in a few ways but failed in keeping me consistent, and that's when I decided to commit to an in-person coach.

Because of the nature of my job, where I'm sitting at a desk most of the time, I wanted to put a lot of focus on strength and posture correction, which led me to choose Dan, and I must say, I could not be happier to have him as a coach. What I love about Dan as a coach is that he's very thoughtful and intuitive with his clients. My mood and physical well-being tend to fluctuate, and he always caters our sessions to how I might be feeling, but always challenges me enough to ensure I'm still making progress, and, after about a year of working with him, I've seen and felt more progress in my health and fitness than ever before. Not to mention, his sessions are just plain fun! We have a lot in common in terms of pop culture interests and whatnot, and manage to gab about things almost to a fault of distracting ourselves from the workout. Anyway, Dan is the MAN. Before I began training I was thinking of sticking with it for a year, and then transition back to training solo, But now that a year has just about passed there's NO WAY I'm not going to continue with Dan and see what more progress can be made."

Costume Concept Artist

"I can genuinely say that working out with Dan has been one of the best decisions I made! I came in with low confidence, stressed, and a back ache that acted up frequently. It’s been a few months since I started working out with Dan - and I’m in a much better headspace, and much stronger physically and mentally! 


I’ve trained with several trainers in the past and realized that finding the right one was not easy after moving to SF. I reached out to Diakadi, and I absolutely loved talking to the different trainers to understand their styles. 


Right from the start, Dan was a great listener. He understood my aspirations and concerns, was super fun to talk to and was very personable. Instead of jumping straight into workouts, Dan took time to do a full assessment- functional, metabolic, postural to first establish a baseline. He designed programs to address each pinpoint and without even realizing it, I made an insane amount of progress!


I highly highly recommend Dan for anyone looking for a trainer who not only invests time but also their heart and soul into training! He’s constantly studying and learning new techniques to help his clients and is a wealth of knowledge and experience!"


Program Manager

"Dan's desire and dedication to helping his clients reach their goals have no bounds. His lovely and positive personality makes for successful and enjoyable trainings/sessions. He is extremely understanding of any limits whether physical or just scheduling issues and uses his skills to work with you to make sure you get the most out of your's and his time. Would highly recommend!"


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